Moments in Time

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coming back to life

Its been almost a year without posts. Strangely, since I never had that incessant urge that I used to have.

Maybe today, things would be different. Maybe I would have like to dream, to go beyond my routine, to expect. Maybe this is what I will call my intermission bell, for my post quarter-life lacuna of desire.

I am, sometimes, afraid to tread beyond. Rarely, I am dispassionate. Most of the time I just headily swing between lethargy of un-excitement, or the seeming uselessness of it all. But today, it is different. I can feel the ember starting to burn deep within, and the cool, comforting velvety covering of hope, overlapping it. Its a strange, a powerful, yet numb, feeling of happiness. In my eternal pursuit of it.

Today, I feel like falling in love. Once again, but like never before.

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