Moments in Time

Friday, August 27, 2021


I am wasting and throwing away life,
Shattering it to pieces,
Reflecting in the million tiny fragments,
I see a miniscule version of me,
Defeated and denounced!

Can someone come and rescue my soul,

My mind, my body, the figment of my imagination,
Can someone pick up the broken pieces,
Weave through it a golden strand,
Like a Kintsugi amphora; and fill it up with all things happy and beautiful, my mirth and my laughter which are like a distant dream now?

I want to follow whoever will lead me out of this darkness, 
I want to rebuild, piece by piece, my soul, my heart, my broken self,
Dazzle in the sunshine the world can offer,
Sing and dance like no one's watching,
Create beautiful memories, savour them like old wine,
Craft and uncraft,
And till death comes knocking at my door,
And my mortal self, destroyed.

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