Moments in Time

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The only thing constant is Change-I

Maybe I just liked the way it was. School, mad rush to the tutions, screaming for food before I could actually pull out my socks, the stealthy looks searching out for some known faces while buying the much needed fag during the after-tutions at GDs' or Amartyas'; Even for that matter, college...
...waking up,classes,or bunking most of them,evening escapades to the riverside or Huts or Sashmoler dokan for the regular cha,ciggys,bhaja maggi,dim toast,Projapoti,and other delectables never to be heard of in a Barrista or CCD,drunken stupor on Bangla(70%) or Old Monk,crushing dope while porn being played on mute on one side of the room,and wannabe guitarists strumming Mala or Hotel California on the other,dozing off in beds which could be easily be adorned in a penitentiary,waking up...routine life.

All at once it came shattering down.Unfinished