Moments in Time

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Apples and Oranges

It's fascinating to meet different people, in the same City, who think differently. It shows sometimes that you aren't a recluse. It shows that people can have independent thoughts, have different prerogatives, and ideologies, living out of the same length and breadth of the City. The same chayer dokan, the same solving of socio-economic problems from around the globe in the chayer dokan, the same people solving it, the same pulse of the laid-back, procrastinating City driving the people, and the same chayer dokan giving back its signature pulse to the City.
Yet, I find people having the same difference. You feel you are'nt alone anymore. People have made decisions, or taken it through compulsions, as you have. You can finally find people who reads a para twice in a novella just to visualize the scene, who thinks that cheap Vodka is a slow killer, yet tastes great with Appy on the rocks, people who act like a Walt Disney animation film on Sundays, 'coz they know its going to be Monday sooner than you know it, who thinks Mithunda isn't just an actor, but a walking, talking, Shaolin Temple who can wipe off the scum of earth by his power packed dialogues, more than his punches, and people who think infidelity is as guilt-free an emotion as wanting to fall back in love,again.

Although, I am yet to find someone who feels sniggering isn't always meant to hurt :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

A post...long overdue.

Birthday. Friends with a heart-shaped chocolate cake. Songs and a lots of laughter. Eating till your belly bulges out first, farting it out later. Smoking up under the shade of broken bricks, under the open sky, as open as it can be in a thriving metropolis. Friends again, this time with a goo-ey chocolate cake(lotsa' chocolate, I know!). Cutting the cake, at the pillar-sill of a renowned eatery. With burning candles, and street urchins joining in for the song(mostly,the cake!). Shaking a leg. Smoking up again, with a Floyd playlist. Dreamy, hazy, unobtrusive and cross-faded, with momentary lapses of reason. Warm chocolaty moments of love, brushed away. Going to sleep; waking up again at the dead of the night to sing the birthday song, again. Going to sleep(or maybe coming off it?), at last.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Give. Take. Life is. will be. to die for. have. wants. desire. change. common. happiness(in pursuit of). Monotony(the order of the day). Defeat(only when you compare). brutal arrows of self inflicting pain(ha ha ha :) fooled you!). of pretty desires. dreams in a corner. of blurry red and yellow. lights. distance(how far can you go before you reason with yourself, Where are you going?). of love. of low self-confidence. of becoming. of getting away from it all. of a soft hand ruffling your hair. to die for. will be. Life is. Take. Give.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Frivolity of an Ecstasic Man and a Thinking Woman

"In sooth I know not why I am so sad..."
And there, over the wanton wisps of her hair,
Through the white sinewy threads of string,
She wreaths a poem with her mystic air,
A pensive gaze, a Monalisa smile,
And she waits for her Romeo, forever
As the salty breeze makes love to her hair.

Juliet...I wait by the sands of time...
The shores beckon dive, and give it all up...
Yet I wait...for your cold gaze, to cut through my foolish desires
To punish, the audacity of my wanton thoughts.