Moments in Time

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For the urge of Being...

I think, therefore I am human,
With wild ramblings
And incoherence
Filled with high hopes and serendipity.

When I try to understand you,
When I give all I have
When I ponder over sweet, fleeting tales
Of lullabies which makes me not sleep,
But brings me back to life.

With reason, and logic, and with all the God-forsaken maths of living,
With envy, and sadness and grief rising from the depths,
With love, with empathy, and with belief in the Master,
I try and try, to delve
Only to fall back in the same hypnotic confusions.

Two little shards of broken glass,
With grainy dreams in sepia tones,
With green thoughts, and rusty body,
And little dissolved specks of hardships
Makes me who I am, yet am I?
I am human. Cut me, I'll bleed.