Moments in Time

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ode to The Woman on the Judgment Day

A quiet monotonous journey,
As the eyes wander beyond the glassy doors,
Leaving the mind to its pointless, vast journey,
Of Luck, Life and Fates’ slippery toes.

Nothing to report,
Nothing unusual to see,
Nothing that hasn’t ever been thought before,
Nothing for the mind to flee.

Quiet and monotonous;
But behold
And then it happens,
The outburst of Activity,
The crazy, overpowering Emotions,
The fast, relentless and tensed Mind;

The Crave;
For coming a little too close,
For trying earnestly to throw out the words
That stuffs the throat; like a collapsed dam
Do try to gush out to please Desire.

For meeting of the four Eyes
In the unison of a brigade,
For trying to show off
A childish braggart look,
Trying to gain presence;
Looking at the watch, humming a tune
All the while as the eyes peep,
Through the mind’s facade.

And lastly;
For the overpowering wish to touch
To feel the worldly joys
The glory, the honour
To meet the zealous lust;
Just through the soft misty rub
Or even a light dash,
To feel the warmth of May
On skin as soft as a snowy crust.

The Thoughts;
Why, Why, Why the Frantic asks
Why is it so absurd?
Why does it seem so Alien now,
Knowing that it is The one?
Why to deceive the true borne feelings?
Why to let them perish in the bed?
Why to murder these mellifluous notes
With material thoughts, all numb and hard?
Why if Fortune gives me the catch
Miss it should I Must?

And…the Decision;
Hearing all, Conscience, calm and cool
As the placid and tranquil sea,
With eyes as watery as could be,
Replies; Through the pain and shattered wreck
Of the vestige that had once borne Me;
‘The child who wants to grab the moon
Seeing the bright colour into the night,
Try as it might, cannot get hold
Seems so sad, confused with fright;
Then, the wise mother replies,
It has its Heavenly place;
The joy in it, is the Trial to achieve
To pluck it from it’s enthroned peak,
That makes it fine, wondrous and bright;

“As the true Beauty yields
From the place where it reigns”’.

Written when I was first smitten in class 11;people whould have called her a PYT; but to me she was always the Woman

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