Moments in Time

Friday, March 13, 2009

Smell the sun

Sunshine on my shoulders, made me happy
Sunshine on my eyes, should have made me cry
Sunshine on the rainbow, have looked so lovely
Sunshine, the rarest, faded in time.

Some things, in the world, looks so simple
Others, can be there, just for a while,
When I, looked out, I saw the moonbeams,
To play, in my tears, and disappear, in a while.

Love is, to comfort, to please and to feel,
To bring out the smell from the lilies, to steal
The Joy and Laughter, found in the chatter of muddy kids
In the satisfaction of the lemon-slice, of a day's only meal.


Shubhajit said...

Are the 2nd stanza onwards shaurochito? There are really wonderful - has the ability to touch a chord. There's also an Anjan Dutt quality about it - he has composed a number of songs which started with lines from a famous song and then veered into shaurochito territory with amazing elan.

"Some things, in the world, looks so simple
Others, can be there, just for a while" - indeed, the complex things (like matters of the heart) are so damn ephemeral...

Thought you were a cynic :)

Sthito said...

Oh man, you have compared me to greatness, thus belittling my humble self.(Now that's sarcasm!)
Well, the poem happened as I was listening to the original famous first stanza; thus. It had drawn out some pathos from the cynic me.

Shubhajit said...

Attaboy!!! Was wondering if your account has been hacked or something ;)

Sthito said...

Well, dat's the day wen u'll be finding mushy love and SRK's gunogaan coming out of my posts, not before.

Kraxpelax said...

Personal announcement!

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- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Dhruva said...

You can do infinitely better than this.

Sthito said...

@His Sideburned Suaveness : I am a mere mortal, me-lord, have some compassion on my humble talents, before belittling them. I humbly request you not to compare it with your galactic content of gray matter.

Dhruva said...


Lara Baggins said...

Love. Sigh! :(