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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Say hello to Rita...

My life is slowly taking a turn. I now feel the need of a true friend,a girlfriend,to whom I can confide my innermost secrets which torment me to be answered. I say a girlfriend,’cause I have got enough boys who will listen to me, and provide me,or at least try to provide me,with necessary answers. But the trouble is I will get them from a guy’s point of view,a viewpoint through which Adams have tried through eons to gain that special someone,but had failed in more cases than not. The subtleties,the mysteries,the craves,desires and wants of the feminine mind can only be gathered from a girl,as I believe that there is one deep,hidden,unaccesible area in the souls of both the sexes,which makes all men,or all women, however different they may be,very much alike. And it’s the touch in that area, if one can ever discover it,which will make them shed all the garments of their personas to reveal the real spirit of the being,that he or she is.
I am slowly beginning to feel that I have found that one woman who can be my true girlfriend,with whom I can share my emotions. She is having the same problem as me;she is also very much distressed with her own life,which had taken a turn for the worse since a couple of years. Being quite beautiful, she has to cope with the pressure of her frustrated wooers,who are taking a toll on her mental,spiriual and academic betterment and leaving her in a frenzy of helplessness and distress. Her own lover,quite a close friend of mine,had broken up their relationship, without any justification,which now makes both of them repentent and lamented. And now she wants to get away from all this racket,and enjoy life just as an eighteen year old should. Say hello to Rita.

Guess who rita is...written sometime in Sunday, September 19, 2004, 2:54:12 PM

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