Moments in Time

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two gold coins in a dusty old bag

Dust and loneliness,
Brickbats and careless mistakes on notepads,
Same gellato,with separate souls
Two gold coins in a dusty old bag,
But is there anything in it for me?

Yellow lights glaring over the screen,
Jumbled alphabets on plastic keys,
Voices trailing over the hectic blur
Two gold coins in a dusty old bag,
Could you please find something there for me?

Florescent neons glaring, over metal paints,
Glutton eyes staring, at the "Devil's Own" plunge,
"Caesar" throbbing at the princely shadows
Two gold coins in a dusty old bag,
"Hey you", throw some light, who knows, maybe there is something in for me ?

Chaos and the gloom,
Shrieks in the midnight,jump cuts to the inevitable doom,
Cheque and cash,bills and other pieces of worldly trash
Two gold coins in a dusty old bag,
Gold coins! Can I have one for me?

Lonely paces towards the unkempt bed,
Issues and concerns, uncharted ways to tread,
The pillow by the side, the only one to share your night
Two gold coins in a dusty old bag...

Your finger sticks out, through the hole as you grope in!

The coins were lost for ages,maybe for better...or for worse!


under-ur-skin said...

Rambler...This one is for you....

the Passive Anarchist said...

Jumbled alphabets on plastic keys - well phrased. The line sort of encapsulates our hazy existence. Tryin to grope a gold coin and a half... Nice.

under-ur-skin said...

Hazy is true. Plastic perhaps signifies..the life we are forced to lead..donno

Lara Baggins said...


under-ur-skin said...

Is'nt it...correct me if I am wrong...?

Anonymous said...

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